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Massachusetts man picks up $4 million lottery win with dog, plans donation to Animal Rescue League

Updated: Jan 24

massachusetts lottery winner with dog
A Peabody man and his dog are now millionaires thanks to the Mass. Lottery.(Mass. Lottery)

BOSTON - A Massachusetts man brought his dog with him to claim a big lottery prize on Wednesday, and he plans to use part of his winnings to help animals.

Peabody resident Paul Riley took "Raven" to Lottery headquarters in Dorchester, where he picked up a $4 million check for hitting the jackpot on a 100X Cash scratch ticket.

Riley opted for a one-time payment and will take home $2.6 million before taxes. Some of that cash will go toward a new car for his wife, but he's also looking to support some furry friends.

"An animal lover, he said he plans to use some of his winnings to make a donation to the Animal Rescue League," the Lottery said in a statement.

Summit Variety in Peabody sold the winning ticket, and will get a $40,000 bonus for the sale. There is still one more $4 million jackpot and six $1 million prizes left to be claimed in the $10 scratch ticket game.

100X Cash hit stores in June 2023. In February, the Lottery is releasing its second-ever $50 scratch ticket called "Lifetime Millions," which offers a grand prize of $1 million a year for life.

Article credits to: CBS News.


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