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Donate to our cause

At Rosewood, we make every donation count. Your donations go directly toward medical needs, food and daily care of our cats and dogs.

On average, RFG cares for about 30 animals, and this amount does not include those at the various stray feeding stations across the country.

The care for each animal costs an estimated GYD$3,000 per day.

Donation amounts above are stated in GBP.
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Your donation will make a difference

Food Supplies

You can donate items such as kitten and dog chow, canned food, kitten milk, food bowls, vitamins, and other items we desperately need.

Amazon Wishlist

You can browse our Amazon wishlist for items we would love to add to our foster homes to make the process simple and more convenient. When the item you ordered has arrived, we'd be happy to arrange a handover at a time convenient to you.


You can make a monetary contribution to our cause. This is then used to purchase medications, and pay vet bills for check-ups, and surgeries.

Donate any amount by clicking here.

Shop & Ship our Amazon Wishlist

These are just a few items we would love to have in order to provide the best care for our fosters and make the process smoother for our foster providers.

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