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Sponsor a Pet

We rely on donations and kind contributions from amazing humans like you to continue making the kind of impact we've been making.


Your sponsorship could provide the vital veterinary treatment and care that our fosters need, for as long as it takes to find them new homes. Sponsor a pet and change their lives today!

Our 'Special Care' fosters


Sponsor an animal with any amount below or enquire for further details.

Donation amounts above are stated in GBP.
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How does your sponsorship help?


Spay and neuter surgeries

Your donation will go towards the cost of spaying a female dog and prevent more unwanted litters. Research suggests that these surgeries can help reduce the risk of certain cancers in pets, which can help them live longer, healthier lives.


Food supplies

You can help us continue providing food for countless animals, not only in our care but across Guyana. 

We also need your support in providing supplies like milk, chow, and canned food for our fosters.


Treatment and medication

Help us provide care for fosters who may have special needs, or require extensive and ongoing treatment before they can be placed into their furrever homes.
Without proper treatment, these animals struggle to get better and find their furrever homes.


General maintenance

From baths to grooming, and even general cleaning of the space in which our fosters are kept, every bit counts when we're caring for our fosters.

Get involved in other ways

Click here to see what other ways you can help us make a difference. 

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