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Your donations help in ways you can’t imagine.

Our newest rescue Arlo was taken to the vet for his first check-up in December 2023. He was diagnosed with tick fever and is iron deficient along with his obvious skin ailment and was given medication

Arlo had his follow-up visit today, 9 January 2024, and while we wish we had better news, we’re happy that he’s on the road to recovery.

His blood work showed that his platelets are critically low so he was placed on additional medication and will have to return to the clinic on Tuesday and Wednesday to receive a vaccine that will help increase his blood count.

As you can imagine, these veterinary trips and checkups are costly. Please consider donating any amount towards Arlo’s care. He’s the sweetest boy and has an adopter that is eagerly waiting on him but he won’t be able to go until he’s better and fully cleared by the veterinarian.

Donations can be sent via GTT's MMG service on 655-9111 or if you wish to donate cash, please inbox us so we can make arrangements.

For kind of humans outside of Guyana who wish to donate by Wire Transfer, click here to enquire how you can do so, and help us help more furry friends like Arlo.


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