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Continuous deaths and Pet Illness prompts Hartz shampoo lawsuit

Pets are often loved and cared for as they are part of the family. Similarly, their care and hygiene remain an issue for the pet parents. People make sure that their pets are well cured and get the required nutrition. But sometimes in search of the best, people end up regretting the decision.

The same happened with the Hartz Shampoo Lawsuit that came to light when an increased number of plaintiffs filed suits alleging the company.

Hartz product manufacturer has been facing several lawsuits since 2009 due to its controversial products. Numerous complaints about the brand and its products have been raised by the customers warning others to not use them.

Unfortunately, most pet lovers don’t have exposure to these comments or warnings and buy Hartz products just because they boast about their products and sell them with nice packaging.

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