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Pit Bull Dogs - debunking the stigma

Excerpted from FB post made by The Dog Daddyy:

There’s a lot of controversy around this type of dog. And I work with a lot of these dogs.. So whenever they make headlines I get tons of messages asking for my opinion.. Recently they’re the hot topic again after a fatal incident involving an elderly man. I am working on a video where I go more into details with my opinion on this.

But for now let’s just say that some people just shouldn’t own certain dogs.. Any dog can be bad, pit-bull type dogs aren’t “bad” .. But they can be in the wrong hands.. Just as any other type of dog can.. So why are they involved in more deadly attacks than any other breed? Why are they feared the most and are featured in the news in a negative way the most ??

There’s an easy answer for that..

These dogs in general are extremely intense, intense doesn’t mean automatically dangerous or aggressive but they’re very eager, very strong mentally and physically and very determined.. So, whether they’re a ball of ham because they come from good responsible lines and have responsible owners who train and socialize them or they become killing machines because they don’t have the above you will always see that same eagerness and power. So the ones raised properly from good genetics will be the most loving dogs you’ve seen, as they are really affectionate and loyal. The ones who get away with bad behaviors, lack of socialization etc.. Have a high chance of becoming dangerous.. More dangerous than most other breeds.

They also have high prey drive and high pain tolerance.. None of these make them bad dogs but please understand that a combination of these common characteristics within the breed and an irresponsible/ under equipped owner that for sure can make these dogs dangerous.

Here’s my latest video featuring this dog


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