‘Don’t forget about animals during the floods’ (June 2021)

Submitted by PR Coordinator on Fri, 01/14/2022 - 08:50

RECENTLY, Guyana’s head of state had declared the country to be in a state of disaster because of the ongoing floods.
Since May, Guyana has been experiencing above-normal rainfall which has resulted in severe flooding across the country. Homes are flooded, crops and livestock have been damaged and some families have been forced to evacuate their respective homes.

While persons’ livelihoods have been affected by the floods, animals too have been affected by the ongoing disaster.
Animal activist and founder of the Rosewood Foundation, Donna Lam, is urging Guyanese to be considerate of the homeless animals, as they too are suffering during these times of flooding.


Additionally, stray animals are at risk of contracting heartworm disease, which is a serious parasitic condition caused by a worm commonly known as dirofilaria immitis, which lives in the blood vessels and hearts of infected pets.
According to Lam, the disease is spread by mosquitoes. She explained that when an infected dog is bitten by a mosquito, the blood that is withdrawn can contain heartworm offspring. When the mosquito bites a second dog, the offspring are passed on.

Inside the host, the heartworm can grow into a parasite up to a foot in length. The parasite can cause injury to the lungs, arteries and the heart.
This, she said, is very concerning since the rising flood waters are breeding grounds for these diseases and more.


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